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Developing the Leadership Team

Dr. Brown examines proven biblical leadership principles designed to help your leaders become Committed, Called, Chosen and Commissioned.
$10.00 US

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The Latest from Dr. Lonnie Brown

Have you ever wondered what the real value of wisdom is? I discovered one of the greatest men that ever walked the planet, King Solomon, and he  was given this special gift of wisdom by God. From Dr. Lonnie Brown's exhaustive study of the Book of Proverbs comes powerful Keys, Laws and Principles contained within .  Prayerfully this book will allow us to walk through a day in the life of Solomon as David and Bathsheba schooled and trained him.  146 Page hard Cover Edition $69.99 US

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Hot off the Press!
In light of the horrific things engulfing our planet, is it even possible to have Heaven on Earth?  I believe that not only is it possible, it has been ordered, if not demanded from heaven.  Get your copy today so that you can see how to exercise your faith to have Heaven on Earth. $10.00 US

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Dr. Lonnie W. Brown
The Contributions of Americans
of African Descent

Learn the contributions of Americans of African descent from a  biblical perspective. $10.00 US

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Dr. Lonnie W. Brown
Faith for Developing Relationships

The Faith Series
Learn how to develop productive relationships that move you towards your purpose
. 10.00 US

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Latest Release
Lady Frances Brown
Bring Desire Full Circle

Learn how to move your Desire from
 Dream to Vision to Fulfilled. $15.00 US

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Dr. Lonnie W. Brown's
The Carnal Mind & the Flesh Fight

Learn how to win the battle of your carnal mind and your flesh fighting against your spirit $10.00 US.

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Get your Copy of:
Dr Lonnie W. Brown's
Anointed Acrostics

Download the electronic version here and
and get it today

Words in a Different Light is Dr. Lonnie W. Brown's signature books detailing Kingdom Keys, Power Principles, and Life Laws found in the Bible. This is a great tool for bible study and for getting a Kingdom perspective on words and principles found in the bible. Get your copy today for only $15.00 US.

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Finding Purpose in Pain
by Dr. Lonnie W. Brown

Life's tragedies are often difficult to accept and even more difficult to get through. Finding Purpose in Pain will help you find God's peace during life's most challenging moments. This is a must if you are grieving, have lost a loved one, or if you seek to comfort those who are felling overwhelmed by a tragedy. Get your copy today for only $15.00 US.

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The Anatomy of Marriage
by Dr. Lonnie W. Brown

Whether you  are currently building your marriage or re-building your marriage The Anatomy of Marriage is a must have for couples looking to have their relationship to be strong and long lasting. These are timeless proven principles from the word of God taught in Dr. Lonnie Brown's unique acrostic teaching style. Get your copy today for only $12.00 US.

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